SocioleadsPro Story

SocioleadsPro delivers an exceptional service to engage and bring social leads for businesses to fill their funnel with one click. We have developed a framework that enables marketers to find, engage and qualify prospects through social media to increase revenues at scale.
Do you know, a large audience is talking about your product, your competitors or industry thought leaders on social media? If they are interested in your product, why haven’t they made it into your sales funnel?
Mission: SocioleadsPro mission is to aid every business across the globe to acquire social leads. Keeping our core values in mind, Socioleads brings in those social prospects that match your custom criteria to you.

What we do?

At SocioleadsPro, we qualify social prospects within Facebook and Linkedin groups using a machine learning algorithm which looks for buying intent or search intent in posts and comments. Once the leads are approved by you, SocioleadsPro automatically engages with them automatically on Facebook and LinkedIn using a customizable workflow along which includes sending a message, a connection request and following them.

You are capable to tweak your criteria and engagement work process to get higher quality leads over time

We thank our community for joining us on this epic ride, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story.